Corporate – Private Companies

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the day-to-day needs of private companies as well as advising on key strategic matters including M&A, joint ventures or entry into non-UK markets.

For those clients without the resource of a legal function, we are able to manage your day-to-day legal needs at outsourced rates.

We have a strong and long track record in M&A work.  We can assist with early stage commercial due diligence – testing the value and proposition in a manner which frequently saves significant costs and time.  Once a deal advances, we will sit alongside you to analyse deal-drivers as well as managing the delivery and execution of deal documents.

Many of our clients are active in non-UK markets.  We can help you navigate your way.

Corporate – Public Companies

Our pro-active approach and the depth of deal experience make us ideally placed to advise small to medium-sized public companies – particularly post IPO on secondary fundraisings and in order to comply with continuing market obligations.  We can offer fixed fees for secondary fundraisings and competitive retainers for handling continuing obligations and requirements.

The depth of our capital markets experience, particularly on AIM, enables us to understand the needs of institutional clients.  In turn, they can benefit from our experience in helping fast-growing companies make the transition to public markets.

Our work for public companies involves international companies as well as those UK-based.  India is a particular focus for Causeway.  Martin Finnegan has been a regular traveller to India for years and has advised a number of Indian based companies looking to come to the AIM market.

Corporate – Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

Many firms struggle to understand the pressures faced by start-ups and their founders.  We regularly advise and assist such new ventures; often investing our time without charge to assist in getting such ventures off the ground and investing alongside founders in the future of the business.

We can offer a competitive fixed-price service for the preparation of key documents such as shareholder agreements and employment contracts that are fundamental to supporting the structure of the new business.

Commercial Contracts

We frequently advise on general corporate and commercial issues providing key strategic as well as legal advice to owners and director/managers on structuring joint ventures, collaboration agreements, shareholder agreements and a variety of other bespoke commercial contracts.

Employment & HR

We advise employers and employees on the full range of employment law issues.  This is often a sensitive and time-consuming aspect of day-to-day business operations.  We will assist you to achieve successful outcomes swiftly and lawfully.

Areas of particular expertise include helping businesses to model workable and effective HR strategies alongside policies and procedures which integrate into the day-to-day management of a business.